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Hi beauties !

I'm back from holidays, I had a great time with my family. We went to New York, Niagara falls, Toronto and Montreal... and I was so excited to take pictures for the blog in New York City !

I'll do a few posts with the outfits I shot while I was there but first I just wanted to do a post about everything I liked over there.

We spend the first four days in New York where we joined my brother who has already been in America since a month. I love this city so much, it's just so big, with so many things to see and do, and so much diversity !
I already visited once five years ago and I couldn't wait to go back. This time it was much more relaxed, we mainly stayed in Manhattan and Brooklyn and took our time to enjoy every places.

Then on our way to Canada we stopped at Niagara falls for one night. We went on one of their boat cruise to see the falls from closer and it was simply amazing ! It was much more impressive than just seeing them from above and we could really feel the force and intensity of the water.
And then during the evening we had the chance to see a beautiful firework just above the falls...WONDERFUL !

We then spent the next two days in Toronto, where we just had a more quiet time. After all that road we needed some resting time. We took our time to visit the main parts of the city, as in two days we can't really see everything. I really loved the atmosphere of this city, people seemed chilled out and enjoying life. I could totally imagine myself living here. Then again , I say that for most places I visit...

And finally we ended the trip with two days in Montreal. My mother was happy to finally be able to talk with people as most of them speak french haha. It was one of my favourite cities that I ever visited. People were SO friendly and nice, and the city is really beautiful and full of life ! Besides, they have gorgeous street art.

And sadly it was already time to go back to New York to take our flight back home...

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